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Our Mission

In the new age of fast fashion, we end up with lots of unworn and unwanted clothes. LiveRobe is here to help the world and You to recycle, sell or exchange your unnecessary goods while getting inspired.

We believe in a world with a perfect wardrobe, neat where unnecessary clothes are not allowed. See through your wardrobe while making the world a better place. Someone might need that little yellow skirt in the back of your closet what you have never worn.


Sustainable Fashion

Did you know that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry? Fast fashion has a huge effect on our environment and on our lifestyle.

With Liverobe, you’ll not just to help reduce the waste, but you’ll be able to sell, shop and exchange clothes that you were inspired by.

Make your wardrobe a better place while making the world too.

Join the community

A team of influencers and business professionals partnered up to create the trendiest second-hand marketplace where simply demand meets supply in a fully personalized shopping experience.

6 reasons to join Liverobe

Earn Money

Earn money by selling clothes you no longer wear or want to get rid of.

Get more organised

Save your time by getting organized with your digital wardrobe.

Save Money

Shop and save money buying cool fashion from other sellers.

Polish your outfit

Get personal feedback and advice from the community.

Grow your brand

If you have an upcoming brand or a boutique, create a free online store and sell more.

Be an influencer

Show your style and inspire others.

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Upcoming events


Liverobe LIVE #1

The kick-off event of Liverobe will be take place in Budapest, Váci utca /Nini Molnar Shop/


Liverobe LIVE #2

The 2nd event of Liverobe will take place in London, King's Road

New York City

Liverobe LIVE #3

The 3rd event of Liverobe will take place in NYC, Meatpacking District

Until the App launch

2018/12/16 20:00:00