Meet The Team

The seed of the idea was planted in 2014, when Ivett, one of the founders wrote her Bachelor’s thesis about product- personalization and the algorithms behind it. She then created the base of the concept and she named it “LiveRobe”.

In 2015, Ivett was selected to participate in an elite program founded by young entrepreneurs in Hungary, where she had the unique opportunity and help to further develop the idea of “LiveRobe”.

In 2016, Ivett moved to the UK for her postgraduate studies at City University of London’s prestigious Cass Business School, where she participated in numerous startup seminars and studios.

In addition to broadening her academic horizon and networking base, Ivett also got into two big startup competitions in 2016 and 2017: City Spark designed to identify and fill in market gaps and Green Spark supporting sustainable ideas.

In August 2017, Ivett decided to finalize the concept of “LiveRobe”, so she created the final mockup of the project from scratch and then she joint forces with Nini and they visualized the strategic steps of the project. Nini was one of the first person who Ivett shared her initial vision within 2013.

Ivett met LiveRobe co-founder Nini Molnar in 2003 at the age of 12, and since then they have been best friends and have been playing important roles in each other’s lives both personally and professionally.

In 2018, Ivett finally managed to find the right partners to make her idea happen and see “LiveRobe” come to life. Thanks to the new associates and the final mockups, she managed to get an investment from a venture capital fund HiVentures to launch the business.


Ivett Angyal


Born in a small town in the North of Hungary, Ivett has still managed to become an international cosmopolitan young female entrepreneur, who constantly travels the world to gather experiences from trend-setting multicultural fashion hubs such as Los Angeles, Paris and Monaco.

Being a hard-working and organized high-achiever, Ivett always had excellent results in her studies. Following her French bilingual secondary high school, in 2015 she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Corvinus University of Budapest. Then she went on to graduate with a Master’s degree in Media and Communications from City University of London in 2017.  

In addition to her studies in Budapest and London, Ivett has also obtained valuable cultural and business knowledge about algorithms and artificial intelligence when she was studying International Finance and Business Intelligence in a summer university organized by ESSCA Paris in 2014.

During her undergraduate years in Budapest, she was employed by two multinational companies, where she learned a lot about various corporate cultures and the real business world.

In addition, she would take occasional French tourist guide jobs in the weekends. After graduation, Ivett decided to shortly help out in her family’s business. Then, upon moving to London, she started working in a luxury mall as a concierge and as a sales assistant, where she got to know the luxury business and how to deal with high-end customers.

Having had the unique opportunity to try herself in many roles, Ivett realized that she has to keep on working on her own dreams and make them come true. As a result, she never gave up on her idea of LiveRobe – even though it took some time to find the right path and ways to make her idea come to life.

Nini Molnar

Nini 2

LiveRobe co-founder Nini Molnar, a well-known, influencer, and designer, was born in Budapest. Nini’s international travels started at the young age of just 14, when she spent a year in Miami as an exchange student.

Soon thereafter, she began modeling and commuted between Milan and New York.

In addition to the professional experience and unique networking opportunities, this experience has further deepened her love of fashion.

Never the one to settle with stereotypes, Nini quit modeling after a few years to follow in her father’s footsteps and study business. She has earned an undergraduate degree in Business Management and continued with obtaining a Master’s in Marketing in London, with a focus on NGO branding.

In 2015, right after graduation, she came up with her very first statement handbag and accessories brand “Pombag” concept and hasn’t looked back ever since. Nini has become one of the most famous designers and influencers in her home country, creating unique products inspired by the world and crafted in Hungary with love.

As a true digital nomad, Nini is living the 21st century IT girl lifestyle, continuously traveling and making new friends all over the world.

Nini is a tireless maximalist, always up for new adventures and challenges. Fun, active and smart, she loves to inspire, motivate and help people. You can follow her and her Nini brand on Instagram under the names of @ninimolnar and @ninimolanrofficial.