LiveRobe 2.0

Introducing a new App for buying and selling pre-loved clothes.

More than 150 billion pieces of clothing are produced every year, and this extremely large amount of overproduction has a proven detrimental effect on our environment, our habitat.

That’s why we made this video to point out what’s going on in our world.

The coronavirus pointed out that we are all rowing in a boat. Our future is now up to us.

‘Our goal is to start an efficient cycle and to steer our community towards a more sustainable fashion world. ”

Innovation in the world of e-commerce

Unique mobile application in Hungary


We create value for our users with our special product category system. Combine ‘for sale’ and ‘not for sale’ items on your lookboard to fuel the imagination of your buyers.

Entertaining user journey

Inspiration focus in the market of pre-loved fashion – create outfits to sell your products Social network-based e-commerce – Shop online from your favorite sellers.

Sustainability and consciousness

We can create positive changes together in the fashion industry which happens to be the second biggest polluter in the world. Be part of an effective cycle.


The LookBoard gives you the ability to create inspiring outfits. It’s where you can combine for-sale and not-for-sale items so you can better position yourself within the market of pre-loved and conscious goods.

Our partners who guarante the high quality of our service


A team of influencers and business professionals partnered up to create the trendiest second-hand marketplace where simply demand meets supply in a fully personalised shopping experience.

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