The Revolution of Beautiful Minds

We believe that a livable planet is created by healthy societies. We assume that these societies are built by individuals who are healthy, both inside and outside. Our mission is to contribute towards building a better world through our startup’s various operations.

To do our part as creators of a sustainable future, we first focus on our conscious marketplace that supports sustainable fashion.

Secondly, our aim is to create a lifestyle brand and build conscious communities around the globe with offline and online events and activities. Our goal is to invite great minds to discuss important ideas about life, health, relationships, daily practices, business, climate change, spirituality, love, and all topics that affect our mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being.

We believe that healthy individuals have tools to cope with daily frustration and stress. We maintain that healthy individuals can understand their own emotions and work on their unconscious tendencies.

We believe that a healthy individual has healthy connections towards themselves, their life situations, their relationships, and the world. We believe that conscious people are creators that take responsibility for their future. We support those people who are open to change to learn and face themselves and their reality.

  • We are working on this vision so we can help each other to individually recognize our own power in building a better world.

  • We are doing this so we can all learn how to take responsibility.

  • We are doing this so we might give tools to our community members to do this work, as it is not an easy path to take.

  • We are working on this project because conscious people will take care of the environment.

  • We support this mission because conscious people will not harm each other.

  • We strongly believe that our future can be beautiful if we all learn how to be accountable for creating a better world. “

Humans of LiveRobe

Conclusion of previous live talks

Cyberbullying and the psychological reasons behind:

Founders Nini and Ivett were talking to Renata Bagi, a psychologist and founder of DoraNatura. The topic was a nowadays common problem, cyberbullying. With the help of Renata, they discussed the reasons why cyber harassment is such a common problem in our society and what are the possible ways of dealing with it.

Becoming an entrepreneur

LiveRobe Founder and designer Nini talked about entrepreneurship with Zsolt Farkas, CEO of Evolutagency and also the mentor of LiveRobe. They discussed the advantages and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age and called up their own memories of their first experiences. They also answered live questions of young people about what they should focus on in order to achieve their dreams.

Relationship with our body

LiveRobe Founder, Nini was talking to Hédi Bacsa, Founder of Art of Change Academy and therapist. They discussed a popular and important topic, the relationship between the mind and body. Hédi explained the importance of positive thoughts and taking care of our souls as well as our physical bodies as there is a strong connection between these.


LiveRobe founder Nini was talking to Aniko Burger, astrologist. The topic was very feminine, Aniko displayed the different types of goddesses in Greek mythology and their main characteristics. The talk supported the launch of LiveRobe 2.0 which was introduced with a creative competition game about creating each week our own outfit inspired by each goddess.

LiveRobe 2.0 launch talk

Founders Nini and Ivett were talking about the LiveRobe application on the day of the launch. They told the story of how they became friends at primary school and how this friendship evolved into creating a start up together. Nini and Ivett also spoke about the idea behind LiveRobe and the challenges they had to face since the beginning.