Package fees:

We work with a service fee and commission based model. We charge 15% after each sales and the service fee depends on how many items you send to us. Please see below:


Kg2 kg5 kg10 kg15 kg20 kg25 kg30 kg
Price in HUF
5 500 HUF8 000 HUF10 000 HUF13 000 HUF15 000 HUF17 500 HUF20 000 HUF

EU zone 1 (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia)

Kg2 kg5 kg10 kg15 kg20 kg25 kg30 kg
Price in HUF 7 500 HUF12 000 HUF15 000 HUF17 500 HUF19 000 HUF22 000 HUF26 000 HUF
Price in EUR20 €37 €44 €53 €61 €69 €77€

Service fee includes:

  • storing the items for 6 months in our warehouse
  • delivery to our warehouse 
  • delivery of the purchase to the buyer
  • quality photography
  • small makeover on items if needed

What happens to the items I could not sell for 5 months?

  • You want them back – in this case you will need to pay the delivery cost.
  • We offer you one more month free of charge to push your sales
  • You offer them, to charity free of charge
  • You offer them to LiveRobe – which means we keep selling them on our profile and offer to charity from the income

Need further information?

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